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Global Threat Intelligence

ZeroGuard’s groundbreaking threat hunting tools enable your company to protect and harden its infrastructure - all from a single portal! Our clients possess the ability to automate threat detection and accelerate investigation with a mere click. Using the powerful combination of public threat intelligence feeds as well as our proprietary intelligence databases, you’ll be able to identify, eliminate and quarantine threats efficiently from your personal ZeroGuard dashboard.

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IP & Domain Reputation
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DNS & Threat Intelligence
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Malware Samples
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Petabytes of Intel Data

DNS Intelligence

Powerful data for discovery and attribution

Using our DNS traffic aggregation methods - which have amassed hundreds of TBs of data - we scan and analyze traffic to detect anomalies which are then used to classify potential DNS attacks. By using a blend of advanced machine learning and correlation techniques, our available intelligence can aid in detecting attacks such as DNS Cache Poisoning, DNS Spoofing, Reflection and DNS Amplification.

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Reverse DNS

Our IP address search will quickly correlate domains, providing you with a broad perspective into an IP address’s history.

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Forward DNS

Seamlessly establish a domain’s IP address by utilizing our Forward DNS search.

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Verify that the contents or headers of an email message haven’t been tampered with, and that email sender is actually the owner of the domain that has the DKIM record attached to it.


Threat Intelligence

Detect and identify digital threats

Detect abusive domains and IPs, matching them against hundreds of public and private reputation feeds. Our platform provides all the best goodies such as advanced search, correlation, etc. right in the web portal and it is capable of delivering threat intelligence directly to your corporate security gateway or firewall.

ZeroGuard’s proprietary technology was developed for use in red teaming, threat hunting and incident response engagements. It provides valuable visibility and event correlation across your entire security environment, thus determining the potential impact of a threat and reducing both detection time and response effort.


ZeroGuard engages and deceives hackers, which helps us identify malicious actors and nasty behaviours.

IP Reputation

Confidently determine whether a particular IP address is or was used by any bad actors to spread malware, take part in DDOS attacks, send spam, attempt ransomware, etc.

Command & Control

Detect and block known command & control hosts, ensuring your servers won’t get infected and become part of a botnet.


Cross referencing with our threat intel databases, we flag, identify and quarantine various spyware, Trojan Horses, worms and viruses.


Domain Intelligence

Rich data for over 350 million domains

ZeroGuard has successfully collected over 5 billion data points across 355 million domains. With a blend of Historic Whois and a continuously updated assemblage, we aim to provide complete domain oversight, giving you access to records which may have been previously buried beneath privacy shields.

Root Zone Records

Root Zone Records

We provide detailed information on almost all existing domains, from the highest level of the DNS (Domain Name System) hierarchy all the way down to the smallest registrars.

Historic Whois

Historic Whois

View full data of existing and expired domains, complete with pivot points and historical mapping, thus allowing accurate correlation, detection and attribution for both new and existing domains.

Domain Reputation

Domain Reputation

Change IPs, send email from different providers and be confident that future IP addresses provided by third-party partners will not damage your established and valuable domain/brand reputation.


Powerful CLI tools

Never leave your favourite terminal!

Tired of crafting cURL requests that are 10 lines long, just to get the information you need on the fly? We got you covered. ZeroGuard offers a full-fledged CLI tool which exposes all the functionality provided by our API, including multiple machine readable and human friendly output formats. So you can either pipe into infinity and beyond or just manually inspect the output. The choice is yours.

# zg domain ls --summary --new --last 10h --format tree
┌ Domain:
├── Module: Forward DNS
│   ├── Status: NOERROR
│   └── A Record:
├── Module: WHOIS
│   ├── Registrar WHOIS Server:
│   ├── Registrar URL:
│   ├── Creation Date: 2019-11-04T19:08:08Z
│   ├── Registrar:, LLC
│   ├── Registrant Name: Registration Private
│   ├── Registrant Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
│   ├── Registrant Country: US
│   ├── Registrant Email: [email protected]
│   ├── Name Server:
│   └── DNSSEC: Unsigned
├── Module: Threat Intelligence
│   ├── Domain Reputation: Unknown
│   ├── IP Location: Switzerland
│   ├── IP Reputation: Neutral
│   └── IP Blacklisted: No
├── Module: SSL Transparency Logs
│   └── Status: No SSL certificate found
├ Domain:
├── Module: Forward DNS
│   ├── Status: NOERROR
│   ├── A Record:
│   ├── A Record:
│   └── A Record:
├── Module: WHOIS
... results trunctuated ...


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